Hello, I am Anthony Batt

I'm a California based entrepreneur obsessed with product design (UX/UI), software engineering, operating massive cloud services and mining behavioural data to make better consumer products. In 2004, I was the CEO and cofounder of social media music and celebrity content network Buzznet/BUZZmedia now rebranded as SPIN media. In 2000, I cofounded Metapa and was the CTO focused on engineering an enterprise SaaS media distribution platform. We slowly morphed Metapa into a pure big data platform and rebranded it as Greenplum 2003. EMC purchased Greenplum 2010 and was recently spun out to become big data enterprise services company Pivotal.

In 2013, I joined former Metapa cofounder, Scott Yara and engineer-entrepreneur Neville Spiteri to become the third cofounder of WEVR. We spent the last two years making and learning about virtual reality and immersive storytelling. WEVR is creating a virtual reality media player that solves many of the current authoring and playback problems VR producers encounter. We working with Samsung, Valve and HTC and many other media companies.

Prior to that I partnered with Ashton Kutcher, to become the President of Katalyst Network his digital media, investment and television production comapany. We launched a Youtube funded video channel called Thrash Lab where we focused on the culture of creativity and artists. As executive creative director of Thrash Lab; I directed a creative team to curate and produce top talent to tell amazing stories on cutting edge people and subcultures. In 2012, we launched a second video channel called Prank Lab with Machinima. My team also created award winning social media programming initiatives for brands like: Virgin Mobile, GE, Intel, Levi's and Nikon. I also oversaw several early stage investments Katalyst and Ashton participated in.

I advise other entrepreneurs working on digital media and software products. I am the board of Jesse Von Doom's Cash Music project. Cashmusic is an open source software foundation engineering a next generation platform for musicians and visual artists. I an active advisor to NYC startup Seed&Spark. They're disrupting the indie-film industry by providing a new digital platform to fund and directly distribute films to audiences. In summer of 2014, I became a product and technical advisor to Privateer Holdings focusing on Leafly.com. Last but not least, I am always helping friends on thier side projects and companies: Giant Robot with Eric Nakamura and Curt Morgan of BrainFarm.

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I am active on Twitter @djabatt and curating content at: Medium.